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Cross-Curricular Resources

All of these resources and more are available on Teachers Pay Teachers. Take a look below and get a feel for some of my most popular cross-curricular resources.

Template for 3 different shapes of Tarsia puzzles, as well as tips for use, and links to other examples. The templates are fully editable, so you can enter your own text, or change the templates as needed. You can simply enter text, print, and cut.

If you have access to a computer or chromebook, you may already have on hand several free tools to help struggling readers, writers, special education students, and ELL's. Once introduced, these are tools that students can use independently to help themselves bridge a gap, and be more successful with their assignments. 

Start your year off smoothly with a wide variety of classroom organization and back to school tools to simplify your school year. 

This resource is a package of fifty (50) exit tickets. The first 40 of these can be used for most subjects and many grades. The last 10 are best suited to science.  These include drawings, self-assessment, vocabulary, etc. 

Do your students have trouble with some of the non-content words in test questions? These "Tier 2" Vocabulary words often throw students off. These allow students to infer the meaning of the words from the sentences and pictures on each card, and ask them to create a sentence of their own using the vocabulary word. 

This printable can be used as a teaching tool in class for reading a variety of non-fiction texts and/or as a homework sheet to teach and reinforce reading strategies as students work through a textbook section or other non-fiction reading. It can be used with any textbook section, in class or homework.

This is a series of lessons that will span about 3 weeks of classes. It was designed for a summer pre-engineering camp. These lessons would also be great for AIS or RTI, or for a review class. They cover some major concepts in middle school math, and do so in fun ways. It includes a Bingo game, Jeopardy, a final room design project, and several other smaller, fun, relevant activities.

Students love to have some choice, and often do better work when the assignment is partially their choosing. This assignments gives them choice over the way(s) that they practice vocabulary, but you can still set boundaries over their choices

This set includes a variety of seating chart templates and seating arrangements. They are editable templates, so that you can move desks or add classroom features, and add student names as needed. 
These seating charts are great for subs, for your own record keeping, or for putting up on a projector or printing and posting so that students know where their seats are.

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