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Dec 9, 2012

Things To Actually Love About Middle School

Two things happened this week that reminded me of what I really love about middle school.  Yes, middle school kids are crazy, but they are really cute in their own way too. They are kids.  They are young adults. You get to see that change happening before your eyes, and its amazing!

The first thing that happened....My class asked me what the date was.  It was December 5th (yes, it was already up on the board).  I said "December 5th"...then I casually said "my Dad's birthday."  All of a sudden kids started yelling out "Tell your Dad Happy Birthday"  and a few even broke into song!  They crack me up.  It took about 5 minutes to get them back on track.  I'm not sure it was worth it, but it brought a smile to my face and theirs.

The second thing that happened this week...I have lab tables, being a science room.  Two kids sit at a table. In all their other classes they have individual desks.  They are still having some trouble with this adjustments.  One pair of girls was arguing in particular about space.  They asked me to put a piece of masking table down the middle of the table to divide the space and mark who's is who's.  I did....Then 3 other tables also asked me to do the same.  I thought it was funny but they didn't seem embarrassed.  They want their space and if it helps I'm all for it!

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