Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Year's Resolutions/Goals for Your Classroom/Teaching?

This school year has been a year of trying new things and starting over to try to get things working better....

I wrote about some of my upcoming goals for the classroom in my guest blog post here at

Math Science Social Studies Oh My!
I have one more to add after a conversation with another science teacher, and the SIOP training that I went through earlier this year. 
I want to try to make the day's agenda and learning objectives more transparent to the students. I do have an agenda board posted, and we spent time on it at the start of school, but I am assuming by now that they know its there.  I think I may be wrong.  I'm going to devote 5 minutes each day on those business parts of class:
  -- agenda and objectives
  --classroom jobs
  --checking in on classdojo points and giving time to cash in for prizes
  -- organization (table of contents, attaching things into journal) and making sure they have homework written down
I will report back here in a couple weeks and see if it makes a difference....
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