Aug 4, 2014

Immediately Useful Formative Assessment Freebie: Gift to You

As we approach the new school year, many of us think about what goals we want to set for the upcoming school year, or what we want to change in our classroom.    It is too easy to get 'stuck' in the routine of teaching a lesson, assigning homework, but not taking the time to get feedback from students, on their understanding, or have students think about their own learning.

One practice that I want to use more consistently is formative assessment.  These may often be seen in the form of 'exit tickets,' but can also be integrated into the lesson as part of a transition, or closure to a topic.  It is really important to have students reflect on their own learning, and to get a 'pulse' of the class frequently, and long before a unit test. By then it is really too late.

In many cases administrators are looking for closure and student reflection when they observe your class.  Exit tickets or formative assessment are a great way to do that.

Below is a four pack freebie of four exit tickets that I frequently use in my classroom.  They are downloadable as a pdf file, and print four to a page.  They are set to print four to a page.   Here is the link. Enjoy!

These are a sample of a larger pack of 50 (!) Exit tickets

Classroom freebies


  1. Thanks for sharing this! Love having a few generic exit tickets on hand - for those times when my lesson isn't going as planned or I need a quick assessment. Awesome!

  2. Great variety in the way questions are posed for the different exit tickets.


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