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Mar 25, 2017

Excellent Collection of Science Teacher Free Resources

A collection of free science resources for you

I Know You Need Free Resources

When I look out the window all I see is SNOW! Day after day.  We have had a couple of snow days recently, and no break in sight.  This is the time when the school year really drags. Your plans get thrown off.  Sick kids (or sickness yourself), long dark days, and it all starts to seem like too much.  There are days you just want someone else to come up with a plan for you, or give you something that you can use when your plans won't work.

Myself and several other TpT sellers have collaborated to collect a variety of free Science TpT resources to help you and you students!   There is a great combination of hands-on activities, literacy activities, and even homework and review!

My Top Three Free Resources

My most popular free resources include a free static lab. It includes an explanation, with diagrams, of static electricity and then five stations of activities for students to explore static electricity. It also has summary questions for them to answer to process and assess their knowledge. My second most popular freebie is a graphic organizer summarizing the nervous and endocrine systems, including the parts, and similarities and differences.  Lastly. a hands-on activity that can be adapted many different ways, Diving Ketchup (bouyancy).

Static Electricity Lab

Nervous and Endocrine Systems Organizer

Bouyancy: Diving Ketchup

You can see my other free resources here and all my blog posts related to freebies and resources here

Excellent Freebies from Other TpT Sellers

I love this free resource that combine literacy and science from Smith Science and Lit

Seafloor Spreading Reading Comprehension Interactive Notebook

Another great examples of integrating reading and hands' on activities are these resources from Sampson's Shoppe

Series Circuit Activity     Simple Machines Wheel and Axle Nonfiction Packet

From Science Rocks literacy activities that can be used in class, or for homework, and a lab!

Secondary Science Writing Prompts Sampler   Battle of the Beaks- a natural selection activity

From The Trendy Science Teacher  practice on forms of energy, which can be a pretest, end of unit assessment, station activity, etc. 

Forms of Energy Worksheet

From Science from the South -- these could be useful for so many grade levels and purposes!  Measurement and Cell Organelle practice.  Students will really be engaged with puzzles. 

Measurement Puzzle FREEBIE for Review or Assessment   Cell Organelles Structure and Function Interactive Noteboo

Exit tickets on controlled variables (such a difficult concept for so many students) and Human Body System Posters (a subject taught at so many grades)
From Elly Thorenson

Human Body Organ System Informational Paragraph Posters   Constants (Controlled Variables) Exit Ticket: A Scientific

Last but certainly not least, from Techasaurus, a word search on changes in matter

Changes In Matter Vocabulary Word Search

 Where do you find your favorite free resources?  Share in the comments below.
A collection of Free Science Teacher Resources

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