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Jun 9, 2013

GroupWork Freebie Checklist Proven to Increase Responsibility

Depending upon the culture at your school, and the prior experiences of your students, when you start doing group work and projects, they may need to some scaffolding to help that process go smoothly. They may have trouble working together, or staying on task. 
One tool to do that is this freebie. Is it a simple checklist of what everyone in the group should be doing.  Its very basic, but seems to make a big difference with kids helping to keep each other on task.  It shifts some of the responsibility to them.  There is a spot for a team leader.  Its your choice if you want to designate a consistent team leader, or have it rotate.  
You may be very surprised at who is a good leader (and who likes to be a leader).  It might not be who you think!  
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  1. Have you used this in your classes? This is something I have considered in the past, but I often run into time problems. I am generally able to check in with each time, but sometimes it's easy to get caught up helping one time for a longer period of time and find that time has run out for me to closely observe each individual's participation. What strategies have you used to manage this?

  2. When I use it, I usually am not the one that checks it off, except for sporadically. I have the group leader check off, and help keep everyone else in the group on task. It gives them a very concrete way to check if they are doing what they should be doing. Not perfect but a piece :)


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