Nov 26, 2012

My Simple Little Middle School Classroom Management Breakthrough

Stamp 2 Clip Art
I have been working on management, with one group of 7th graders that I have.  Classdojo, and many other suggestions and tricks have gone a long ways.  But my current favorite is a stamp.  I bought a box of a few different stamps on clearance at Wal-Mart for a dollar.  I will come stamp their paper when they are in their seat working, especially at the start of class during bellwork.  Sometimes when they do stations I will stamp when they have completed the station.  It's amazing! 

They run to their seat and get quiet so they can get their paper stamped! I hear across the room "I'm working too!  Stamp mine!"   

Who knew that would be such a big deal to 7th graders.  Its cheap, easy, and honestly kind of fun for me too.  I'm all for positive reinforcement, but I'm trying to get away from candy.  This is a great alternative! 

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